The Only Water Machine

By: Anonymous

A few months ago I had to send my Excalibur II in for warranty work, and it about broke my heart. Then I find out it was in the mist of the Minelab move and it would take longer than I expected to get it back. I broke down and purchased another Excalibur II so I wouldn't loose any precious hunting time even though I own another brand water machine, I just can't go without the Excalibur II.

Finally after a couple months I receive my first child back with a new coil, and I ran out for a quick hunt. I knew I would only have an hour, but I wanted to make sure the machine was running in top form again. Well, it surpassed that by far, no sooner did I turn it on and a junk ring, followed by a junk bracelet, and then a few coins and then a first ever for me. A wedding set, not only a wedding set, but a platinum wedding set at that. The Excalibur II in my book is the only water machine, it just amazes me each time I take it out.