The Best Find Ever For Me

By: Jessica m.

Hi there all, well I have only had my detector for a few months and still learning to use it, now learning even faster now I have the bug for it... I have found a 1930 penny that I found to be a forget one... I found it in a old burnt rubbish heap 2 km from my home.. Wow I thought.. So I put it on ebay and to my surprise I got $ 10,300 dollars for it… bloody hell I thought... yes you read it correct $10,300. Since that find I have found about $10 dollars in small change at the beach and a few other pennys that aren't worth a great deal.. And 5 silver sixpence and threepence.... Now I really have the bug for it and can't get enough of the fun it is... Would love to find a partner now so we can travel and search as a couple…