Superb Device & Service from Nokta

By: Kellyco C.

NOKTA VELOX ONE BEACH AND FIELD TEST INITIAL THOUGHTS I recently purchased a nokta velox one which is manufactured in Istanbul in turkey by nokta engineering, having been stuck fast in the teknetics camp for many years due to the ease of use and being a trusted manufacturer and also due to the fact that it really does find some good stuff I was apprehensive of the nokta velox one, all the usual thoughts went through my head "oh no its foreign" and "here we go another load of junk". [split] I am not sure why I was attracted to the machine I think initially it was the ascetics of the machine it looks sleek yet rugged at the same time, but it looked quite complicated if i am honest compared to my teknetics machines, I could not resist so I purchased this model from a friend, he had purchased it from nokta but never really used it so it really was as good as new. I scanned the internet for settings and videos all of which to be honest I did not really believe due to the biased opinions of people making videos and people who are supplying the machines to the public, the day came to test the machine out in the open field sadly none were available so a rally the next weekend would be the ideal place to give it a run out. Ten o clock on the day of the rally I started to set up ready for the off 200 odd detectorists standing feet apart , I switched the machine on for the first big test of any machine , the dreaded interference and spurious emissions from other machines , well to say I was shocked would be an understatement it was very quiet unless the machines around me came within three feet of the coil on my machine it was silent , I am not sure how nokta have managed this all I can say is the shielding must be excellent on the control box as there was hardly any (electro mechanical interference) emi . The machine performed excellent in this environment, finding the odd interesting artefact and old Victorian copper nothing to write home about but finds in a difficult environment are defiantly a plus in my book , two hours in and disaster strikes the heavens open up and now it’s getting very wet and the pasture is flooding in places ,after the rain had stopped the machine would not settle down it was chirping constantly and acting in an erratic manner , my initial thoughts were the control box had got wet but on closer inspection the box was fine no water ingress, even just touching the coil would send the machine into a fit of chirping so that was the end of that days testing. I came home and scoured the internet and found no apparent cause for the strange behaviour so I contacted Dilek Gonulay the sales and marketing manager directly at nokta engineering fully expecting to be told all sorts of stories about why this happened and how much it was going to cost me to put it right despite it still having a warranty , dilek asked me to supply the serial numbers for the machine and coils which I supplied by e mail expecting fully to wait for 3 months for a reply as is normal in this hobby. The next morning I checked my e mail and there was a reply from Dilek and this is where I was shocked (other manufacturers take note) the e mail contained tracking numbers for two new coils that were being sent from nokta in turkey to replace the faulty coils which were identified as a suspected faulty batch I believe from its serial numbers , what can I say a true measure of a company is how it sees its customers happiness as a key to its own success and at present in my detecting trials this is the first time I have received the help required and the problem being sorted to my 100% satisfaction thank you nokta for that lesson into how customers should be treated , and to my delight the machine is now quite again and seems sharper than it was before . A short field test A week later I had a few hours to spare and the weather was pretty good sadly the good fields were all still under crops so was limited to one of my non-productive rough hunting ground when I say unproductive I mean it’s been hawked to death by nighthawks, due to the area having Celtic finds, but has not been ploughed for at least ten years so all the stuff I was going to find with the teknetics has long been found. I set the machine up as it states in the book and off I went apart from a few large lumps of plough shear, all the finds I had were right on the edge of the machines limit no finds within the top 8" at all which I totally expected, all of the finds corresponded to the tones the machine was giving me. I then returned to the car and changed the stock 11" coil for the 17" coil and ground balanced the machine again as per the instructions , and I then set about going over the same area I had just covered with the 11" coil , ten to fifteen minutes in and a very very feint signal was there so I switched the machines signal audio to level 3 and there it was a crisp loud high tone , I started digging the signal expecting large iron as the signal must have been deep because the 11" coil had not found it . Wrong again it was a nice little hammered penny From around 10” maybe 14” down yes the signal was scratchy as I call it but one the audio boost feature was switched over it was loud and clear , this switch is only an audio level boost not a depth boost , but it’s certainly a good tool for making certain if a signal is a good or bad target , I also had a nice full crotal bell with ringing pea still intact from nearly the whole depth of my draper mini spade so at least 16” to 18”, also a few Victorian farthings from depths that other machines had failed to match all this from a piece of land that’s been worked out by many different machines and many different detectorists. All in all a good few hours with a new machine that im glad to say works as good as its hype , I never praise a machine until im sure of it and the nokta really is going to be a force to be reckoned with on uk fields . A short beach test As many of you will know I hate beaches and I think detecting them mostly a waste of time in my area of the uk , the beaches near to me are not really beaches they are mud flats covered with sand , they are without a doubt the areas of the highest mineralisation that could be imagined and the chance of anything any good is at best a miracle so i was really not looking forward to this as the other machines I have tried on the beach drove me to despair with falsing which basically means the area is undetectable , the high water mark does turn up some nice modern gold items and modern coinage at the height of the season which are lost by holiday makers but that’s not for me I was interested in the black mud . The machine was set up as per the many video instructions on the internet on mineral setting 3 the sensitivity was set at level 5 and the iron switch was off and iron discrimination of factory setting , with the machine balanced and spade in hand I hit the mud . First impressions amazing the machine was quiet and the large iron was easily detectable between the small high tone and mid tone chirps from the machine, I really was surprised is this a machine that can actually cope with black salt infested mud, I was using the 11” coil for this test I wished I had a small coil like the teknetics coil around 5”, as there are so many signals on these area. Ten minutes on I had the machine tuned into the mud perfectly and my ears were tuned to the machine, then the finds started to appear a nice mid tone signal turned out to be an enamelled giraffe brooch, then a nice 1916 sixpence which gave off a great high tone and when dug out was around 5” down in the mud, yes your minelab or xp may find that on a field no problems, but will it cope with such high levels of mineralisation probably not. Within the hour I spent searching the black mud I had three silver rings the 1916 sixpence and a 1897 three pence from 4” various ring pulls the enamelled giraffe and a nice gold brooch not worth a fortune but defiantly worth the trip to the beach, which I have steered clear of with all my other machines, this really could be the trump card in noktas pack a truly universal machine that can find on the beach and on the field, time will tell as word spreads of this machines ability. Thank you once again nokta I have since sold my machine to fund buying the fors core which I will be buying as soon as the work picks up again but im missing the one already .

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