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Starting Them Young with Kellyco Equipment

By: Anonymous

After buying my third metal detector from Kellyco, I had a ton of extra equipment from the free accessories they offer with your purchase as well as two entry level metal detectors courtesy of their BOGO program. In other words, I had enough to outfit several grandchildren and get them started in this great hobby...or should I say “passion” or even “addiction!”

When I presented our 6 year old granddaughter Olivia with her new Bounty Hunter Gold along with a pin pointer, scoop and Gator digger, she was beside herself with excitement. She wanted her Pop (that's me) to take her treasure hunting right now in her own yard. Needless to say, I got a report from her mother not long after that their yard was now riddled with filled in holes! Good job Livvy!


Fast forward a few weeks when her home schooling group was scheduled to do a science fair. Livvy chose her subject without hesitation: How Metal Detectors Work!

She threw herself into this project with all the focused enthusiasm of a passionate detectorist many years her senior. With a little help from her Pop and parents, Livvy created a display explaining the principles of electromagnetism and how metal detectors turn that law of physics into great finds of “real treasure.”

She not only created the display but we made a short video that we looped on her mother's iPad of her finding a quarter and included it as part of the display. She also provided a written report with her and me on the hand drawn cover no less along with an oral presentation. All of Livvy's hard work not only earned her an A and a nice certificate but also the spirited interest of her little school well as their parents!

Livvy was now not only an enthusiastic detectorist but a real little “sales lady” for the hobby.

After several trips to New Smyrna Beach, Livvy's finds jar was filling up fast with “treasures” of all kinds. She even got excited and is saving the different types of bottle caps she discovered.

It didn't take her long to become pretty proficient with her Bounty Hunter and put it to practical use.

One day while she was playing amongst the palmettos and thick monkey grass after her piano lesson, she lost the ring her 19 year old brother had made for her from a coin. She was frantic...that was the ring her “Bubba” made just for her! It was irreplaceable in the loving heart of a 6 year old who idolizes her big brother. Look as they might, the ring was nowhere to be found. The next week as she and her mother were getting ready to leave for the next piano lesson, Livvy told her, “Mommy, let's take my metal detector. I know I can find my ring with that.” So they loaded up Livvy's treasure hunting gear and off they went.

Although Livvy remembered the general area where she was playing that day, the exact location of where the ring fell was a mystery.

Livvy began her search full of confidence...the metal detector would find the ring...of that, there was no doubt. Livvy gridded the area like a pro until her Bounty Hunter shouted out the sound that excites us all...the unmistakable tone of metal in the ground! Without a seconds' worth of hesitation, Livvy knew she had found what she just had to find. Her treasured ring was still there waiting to be picked up. Livvy's confidence in her equipment and skill were justly rewarded. I think you can tell by the confidently assured look on her face, there was no other way this hunt could end but in success!

Olivia is now my little hunting partner and it won't be long until Pop upgrades her machine. I think one of those new Minelab GoFinds from Kellyco may be in Livvy's future!

Start 'em young and share the joy for a lifetime.

-Colonel Dan (
Kellyco Field Test Crew Member

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