Spanish Cob Metal Detecting Find

By: Jackie W.

Hot and very dry it is outside of Pittsburgh, Pa, which is where I live. I have been detecting a little over 9 years. I love, love, love my Garrett Ace 250. On July 13, 2016, I left for a favorite old spot that I have been working for awhile on the outskirts of Pittsburgh. I was heading back to my car, just really not concentrating, but yet listening for certain signals.( It was really HOT) I heard something that I liked, looked at the indicator and said to myself, "well it's the last one you are going to dig today so just do it." Did I mention it was really HOT?! So as I dug it up, the dirt clinging to it like fine powder, I realized it was not just an ordinary coin. I had something special. When I got home I ran the coin under water and then posted it on some of my metal detecting pages to find out just what it is. Turns out to be a 1731 Spanish cob. Some say its a copy. I say it’s a treasure, copy or not.