So Beautiful!

By: Anonymous

A few weeks ago I went with a search buddy of my to a favourite spot where if have found a few nice things from the Saxon period. The field was heavily ploughed. But we could still search. After only 10 minutes I found a broken Saxon brooch. Bummer, again a broken one was going around in my mind. Then 10 meters further a nice smooth sound from the deep. And it was deep, around 30 cm. But it was a tone that trigger me to dug the hole. And there it was a very beautiful Saxon brooch with a length of 7.5 cm and!!! It was not broken. Man o man I was happy. I found that day 5 brooches with a another very very first century Roman brooch. Now the search is done here for a month or 2.

so-beautiful-1 so-beautiful-2