Seeing the Advantages of the CTX 3030

By: Anonymous

Just wanted to give some feedback on the CTX 3030.

I've taken it out on 2 hunts this week, other than playing around with it in my yard and figuring out some of the bells and whistles. The 1st hunt was a heavily beat down park that has produced some barbers, mercs, and a SLQ in the past. My hunting partner and I have spent a long time in this park with E-TRAC's. No new silvers were found but I did get a heart pendant that I am almost positive is white gold and old, not a new drop for sure.

I picked this park especially since there is an area that has extreme litter, it used to be a city dump in the 1900-1920 era, there is lots of bottles and broken glass, scrap metal in the ground, it's also where I found my 1915 D barber quarter. The E-TRAC would just null out, not so with the CTX 3030.


Yesterday I put it in the water at a public swimming area that gets hunted several times a week and produced a 10k gold ring. Too bad the stones were CZ but I looked it up and it retails for $150. Cha Ching, just paid for the headphones....The ring has been there for a while, four inches deep in hard pack clay. There was iron around it too, I am really beginning to see the advantages to the CTX 3030.

The one thing that these two hunts had in common other than both producing gold was the noticeably lower amount of trash in my pouch. I haven't dug a can or false signaling nail yet. I have several other trashy areas that I know will produce and can't wait to get to them.

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