Saving History From a Pile of Trash

By: Anonymous

The CTX 3030 performs again... In a heavy trash zone of an old farm field in Southern New Jersey, an area I have avoided for years due to the incredible amount of aluminium can frags and iron junk, my screen was showing a wide array of junk targets numbers and one 12:30 with a solid signature One by one I pinpointed and eliminated the soda can frags and iron until only the 12:30 was left... 9 inches down this beautiful little silver 1/2 reales popped out...

As I swept the area again I hit a 12:45 and several more trash targets, once again I pulled 5 trash targets out leaving only the good Target. At 11 inches, I reached into the hole... and out popped one of my oldest coins to date 1632 COUNTER STAMPED 1641 Copper Spanish Cob... This machine amazes me every day.