Rocky Road to History

By: Anonymous

My CTX 3030 has pretty much become my partner. Riding along with me in my truck to work and play. So when it was time to take the family on our long awaited vacation, it was only natural that the CTX 3030 came along.


Camping a couple miles from the beach at Cape May NJ, and knowing the long history of that town, I grabbed the CTX 3030 and brought it with me for a day in the sun, figuring I'll squeeze some detecting in, amidst the family time.

Detecting for an hour at a time, I pulled a few pieces of clad and a junk earring or two, but nothing much to speak of.

Finally nearby I saw a somewhat dangerous looking jetty. I usually avoid them as they are HUGE iron soaked rocks which are difficult to dig around, but today I got the time.

As I started swinging the CTX 3030, I popped a few small cent signals and then a few pieces of Old Copper sheathing then POP!!! Perfect Large High 13's signal Dug about 10 inches or so and I saw the unmistakable shine of silver. Thinking I had found a Standing Liberty Quarter, I popped it from its hole and nearly fell over when I saw a Gorgeous Heart Cut Spanish 2 Reale gleaming in the sun. And a beauty it was.

Perhaps it was a piece worn around someone's neck until recently or perhaps I'm the first person to touch this coin in 3 or 400 years. Regardless of what great story resides in the history of this coin.... My story is of a GREAT DAY on the beach with the CTX 3030.