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Road Trip to a Seated Half

By: Colton B.

Recently I went on a road trip out to some old mining areas. I was able to find an area with lots of buttons and glass shards next to what seemed to be the remains of a small wooden house. There was barely anything left of it, but I could see where the door would have been. I decided to get out my super sniper coil and detected around the door with my Garret AT Pro. I got a solid and pure 85-87 that was very repeatable. I never thought it would be my very first seated half dollar, which was an 1863 S. I started shouting oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! I got a seated half! My digging buddy heard me and rushed over. From that point on I could not stop smiling. That made my entire trip worth it. I couldn’t help but think that an old miner probably dropped it so long ago!