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Road Trip Metal Detecting Find

By: Jessica H.

George and Michael started their adventure with a road trip from New York over to Michigan and then down to Florida. They decided to stop talking about going on a metal detecting road trip and go for it. Their first stop was coming to Kellyco to get a detector that can hunt in all the areas they want to go. Steve Meeks took the time and got them set up with a Minelab CTX-3030 each. He even gave them some basics on how to use it well. From there they went down to the Treasure Coast to detect the beach. It proved to be a great first stop. After detecting for a bit a good signal came up so George dug and found a tiny bead. The next day they came back to Kellyco to get a few more supplies and show what they had found. Steve told them that it was most likely gold and did a test, which confirmed his suspicions. From there it is easy to guess that this was either a trade bead or rosary bead, most likely from the 1715 Spanish Treasure Fleet. An exciting find for first-time beach hunters!