Renewed Vows Surprise

By: Anonymous

Team Jackwick got a call about a ring that was lost 2 years ago in the front yard this gentleman's wife had lost while picking up sticks from a storm. I was told they was to renew their vows at the end of this month.

We drove 110miles south to take on this challenge armed with our CTX 3030s. After 20 minutes I had found the ring and really couldn't show it because the wife was watching out the window. I called my wife over and showed her and with a kiss and a big smile, we kept on detecting.

I made my way over to the truck and called the husband about finding the ring. He then told me with tears and a tender voice the real story. They both were in the ARMY and wanted to get married before deployment. He had saved a very long time for this special ring . After being married he was away on active duty for a year and a half . While he was protecting this great nation, she had lost the ring somewhere in the yard.

Well on July 28 she will be united once again with this ring and a marriage that will stand the test of time once more.