Relics With a Gold Machine

By: Jessica m.

On 10/30/ 2012, I partnered up with a friend to detect around some old military housing where Labor Day weekend, I had recovered a stash of 140 wheat pennies. After finding the remains of a foundation I began to search immediately getting a loud clear signal. Thinking it was only an old pipe, I started to continue searching and thinking of my previous find I started to dig. Metal detecting finds - coins At a depth of 12-14 inches I uncovered a lock box. Upon opening it with great care, being I had to cut through the lock, I was amazed to find silver certificates, a 1917 2 dollar bill and a 1827 10 cent note along with several Polish, Italian, Costa Rican and other coins loose and in a wallet inside the lock box as well as other paper currencies. I thank rusty of Rusty's Gold for the excellent advice and knowledge when I purchased this machine from him as it has far surpassed other notable machines I have owned in the past.

relics-with-a-gold-machine-1 relics-with-a-gold-machine-2