Relic Metal Detecting Finds

By: Les H.

I am relatively new at the metal detecting hobby, having purchased a Garrett Ace 250 only a few months ago. In a recent outing, I found the items shown in the attached photograph. They were located on an old farm. The ax head and plow point were about two feet apart in a ditch at the end of a pasture and the two cast iron fragments with the nail (lower right) were at an old house place. The two fragments of a cast iron cooking pot (lower left), along with some nails, were found in an area that we have no knowledge of ever being inhabited. While these objects really have no intrinsic value, they are interesting to me from a historical standpoint. The unknown history of how objects got to where they are adds to the fun of metal detecting. The area near the farm has history going back to the early 1800's; part of the Trail of Tears went by the farm, and there were a Civil War cavalry skirmish and other activities within a couple of miles of the place. I'm anxious to get back out prospecting again. I was running the Ace 250 with the 6.5x9 coil at medium sensitivity in either relics or all metals modes. My pinpointer is a Vulcan 360 that came as an add-on in the sports package with the detector. I have been well pleased with the performance of both tools and with the service provided by the folks at KellyCo.