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Reger Relic Metal Detecting Find

By: Julian V.

When it comes to metal detecting there is nothing more thrilling than digging up datable, tangible history. A less than average dig with two buddies of mine came to an abrupt halt when the ground stopped giving up targets for us to find. My fellow Copper Heads Team member Greg and I departed for home after saying goodbye to our good friend, and on the ride home we spotted a beautiful house built in 1800 on a large, well-maintained piece of property. I coaxed Greg into staying out for a few more hours and approached the homeowner who was working in the garden. The owner graciously granted us permission and told us that the property had been hunted before, but nonetheless we were welcome to search the whole property. After swinging my AT Max for about 15 minutes with no exciting targets being given up I made my way to the backyard of the house. I got a screaming high tone near an old BBQ area, but it was only 2 inches down according to my Max. I begrudgingly dug the target thinking it was a clad quarter, but to my surprise this beautiful pocket watch fob style permit popped out from less than an inch down! I excitedly ran over to the home owner to show it too him. His eyes lit up as he told me that the name Reger has historical significance to the town and the house they live in. He walked me over to a marker on the property that designated where the old road, Reger Road, used to be. He then showed me on google maps that the adjacent modern road to their house is also named Reger Road after the original home owner who built the house in 1800. Much to my surprise at the end of the day when I showed the homeowner my finds he said I was more than welcome to keep the relics for my personal display. There is nothing better than knowing exactly who, what, when, and where an item came from after recovering it from a potentially 105 year slumber beneath the ground! Thank you for the opportunity! This is easily my favorite relic find.