Pre Colonial History

By: Paul R.

I've been interested in metal detecting for a long time. I never got serious about it until I moved to the Georgia coast. There's a lot of history here dating back to the early 1700's. After watching some of the Diggers shows on TV, I decided to go ahead and get my own. The main reason I wanted to start digging was to find some artifacts from the colonial times and even before.[split] I have permission to hunt on about 13 acres on the north end of one of the barrier islands. The land is close to an old British fort that was active on the island from 1730-1750. The island was disputed land between the Spaniards from Florida. This spot may be where the old military road went from the fort to the southern end of the island. It also is close to a skirmish that took place in 1742 when the Spanish came up to contest the British on the island. Anyway, I've had my Garret Ace 250 for a couple of years and have searched the wooded area many times. I had only found some old hunks of iron, a few square nails, and a lot of trash. Recently, about 5 acres of the trees have been cut and the stumps all removed. I was anxious to go hunt after the ground had been churned up from all the activity. My partner and I went out after the land was cleared and the first time out we found what I had been looking for: musket balls, large and small. With several searches we continue to find more each time we are out. The finds are scattered all over, so there's no definitive area marking the road or anything. But, in a way that makes it more fun, not knowing where another one may be hiding. Can't wait to get back out there.