Plated Ring Metal Detecting Find

By: Laura P.

I was searching an area in the water just off the beach. I had watched several other detectorists go over the area many times. I like to go slow and steady - searching for deep and/or odd readings. After pulling out several pennies and pieces of junk metal, I pulled up something that felt heavy in the scoop. I was thrilled when I realized it was a ring! It was so crusted with sand and shells that it was impossible to tell much about it. I decided to take on the challenge of cleaning it to determine what I'd found. It's a simple plated ring, but I love the before and after which shows that putting in a little energy can really bring out something special! I've been metal detecting since I was a kid. In fact my dad taught me the basics! The secret is to pay attention to mixed signals. Yes, it can be frustrating to get pop tabs or crusty pennies, but you can also pull up something old and interesting!