Paid for itself on 1st use!

By: Anonymous

I was excited for my Garrett 2500 to come in, so I waited at the office for it on Saturday.


I had recently lost my white gold wedding ring in my chicken house, my wife and I live on the family ranch. Needless to say I was quite ticked off and the wife wasn't happy either. I had always wanted to get into metal detecting and this was a perfect reason to do so. That week I also lost my $40 fencing pliers while pulling posts.

So my Garrett came in and that Sunday I got it going along with the pro-pointer that came with the deal. Within 2 hours I found the gold ring, my pliers, 2 pennies, a dime, a nickel, a few pieces of old wire nails, a stuffed animal eyeball, a metal washer and to top it off I found a big iron ball. I doubt the iron ball was a Cannon Ball but most likely a big Shot-Put, it was about 6 inches down in my front flower bed????

So far my experience has been awesome, the Garrett is too easy to use and I feel like I got way more than my money's worth from Kellyco. From now on Roger Bellows will be my contact there and Kellyco. will be my dealer. Thank you Roger and Kellyco, you guys are the BEST!!!
By the way, if you are thinking about getting a detector, be sure to buy the gel knee pads because you will need them.