Only Complaint I have is it was not Made Sooner!!

By: Kellyco C.

Hello I would like to show you and recall with you my last six months using the Velox. First thing after 6 months of twice weekly use in all weathers the machine is as solid as the day I brought it, no creeks or squeak's; a fantastic bit of solid workmanship. This machine has been put up against and beat two machines costing twice the price. (I won’t name them) using the 11 coil on stubble fresh plowed and maize stubble with the 9 inch coil it has found VIKING artifacts more hammered silver than I can remember and over 500 roman coins in the last six months. The only complaint I have is it was not made sooner, keep up the good work. Enjoy the pictures thanks for a great machine regards

only-complaint-i-hate-is-it-was-not-made-sooner-1 only-complaint-i-hate-is-it-was-not-made-sooner-2 only-complaint-i-hate-is-it-was-not-made-sooner-3