One Ring Lead to Another

By: Anonymous

My wife works with a lady who's brother (Harry) has a friend that lost a gold ring in a pond in a local neighborhood some 40 years ago skipping stones. We were called to give it a shot. The trashy pond has since "dried" up, well kind of, there isn't any standing water but, with every scoop we took the hole filled up with muddy water. After about 2 hours of hunting and sloshing around we decided to wait until the area either dried out some more or maybe when it freezes this winter.


Afterwards, Harry told us he has been making silver rings out of old silver coins ever since he was in his twenties. He also told us he lost one of his first ones playing football in a local park with his buddies some 40 years ago. This park my wife and I have had quite a bit of luck with finding silver and some jewelry but we really hadn't hit the area where he told us he lost his ring. So when we left his house we decided to go over to this park, there was still a couple hours of daylight. While scanning the left field of the baseball diamond where Harry told us to look, Jackalyn found 2 rosies (61,64) in the same hole. Being competitive like we are I had to step it up and find something... I left her in left field and moved my way to center right field. My CTX 3030 made a faint scratchy silver sound and I am saying to myself "yes silver coin!" Well, I got to digging and almost 11 inches deep I saw it... His rin!!

It was a truly amazing almost overwhelming feeling. Jackalyn looked up from the hole she was digging and new from my actions that I had found it! She came running. Well that's not all of the story... LoL, We called Harry and told him that we dropped a key at his house then asked if we could come back and look for it. By the time we get there it is dark. He met us in his front yard with a flashlight. As we proceeded through the yard looking for this "key" we asked him again.. "Where did you lose that ring?" Harry explains again that it was in left field where they were playing. Jackalyn couldn't take it any longer and said "HARRY YOU LOST IT IN RIGHT FIELD" and handed it to him. This man Harry isn't a huggy kind of guy but he gave us the biggest bear hug not everyone could give. He really couldn't believe it and was stuck for words. All we needed was to see his face and hear a humble thank you.