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Old Metal Detecting Finds in Ohio

By: Mark M.

I was detecting near my dad's property and uncovered a bronze ww2 service metal, 6 inches down, great find, along with a silver 1943 from another property I hunted. I was using a Bounty Hunter Lone Star that I bought off a buddy. I went to my dad's just to get it tuned in and stuff. I found a few wheat pennies from 1940 and a Bronze World War 2 service metal. Then found a 1943 silver quarter and several other wheat pennies, one dating from 1940. I also found a 1972 Kennedy Half Dollar. I just recently got into but have had a passion for digging old bottles and stuff since I was 13, just absolutely love the hobby and have been doing well since I got it and chill continue to do it, actually started a club called "Ohio Relics Metal Detecting Club " and have a business I've started called "Ohio Relics and Recovery".