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Old Employee Badge Metal Detector Find

By: zach p.

Hello my name is Zach and I would like to share my metal detecting find with your company. In the summer of 2015 I found an employee badge from the River Raisin Paper Company. I found it in south east Michigan in an old school house that was built in the late 1800. I was using my Bounty Hunter Tracker 4. I had to dig around 4 to 5 inches to recover the historic piece. The River Raisin Paper Company was established in 1910 and was the largest producer of fiber board shipping cases in the world. The company sits on an 84 acre lot and 50 acres of that land held manufacturing plants ( including the five large paper mils, three box factories, and a silicate of soda plant). The daily capacity for the mill was 40 tons of straw paper, 75 tons of silicate of soda, 300 tons of fiber board and 240,000 boxes. Also made lots of paper to. The plat was running full time and needed about 1,300 employees to keep it running. The plant even made ammunition packing for the wars, including world war 1 and world war 2. In 2012 the plant caught fire and burned down. the only thing standing is one paper mill. My face was lit up with happiness when I found it as I had only been metal detecting for two years. I really enjoy metal detecting and I hope to find more historic items like this in the future.