New CTX 3030 Reveals Old Treasure

By: Anonymous

The new Minelab CTX 3030 is an amazing detector! I recently upgraded from my E-TRAC to the CTX 3030 and I am LOVING the combined mode. So far this past month or two I've pulled almost 25 silvers already this year, but I had an exceptionally great hunt yesterday.

Me and a friend from my local detecting club took a trip to an old historic haunted hotel which was built in 1812. We were given permission to hunt the surrounding area. It seemed pretty disheartening at first because the site was fairly cleaned out of coins already, but the "hunted out" areas are where I've been noticing the CTX 3030 really excels beyond any other machine I've ever seen.


About a foot away from an old tree I got a fairly strong coin signal, but I could also hear iron in the hole. The target trace was showing the same info so I dug down the 3" and what I seen in the hole is now my oldest silver. An 1814 capped bust dime, 199 years old!! It's tough to get much older coins than that here in southern Illinois.

About 30 minutes later it was just about the same scenario, target trace showed a good target in with iron but this time I was getting an even better silver signature. So down I go to dig...and about 6" down out popped a beautiful 1942 walking liberty half dollar! My friend ended up with a 1927 standing liberty and we also dug several wheats and various other coins throughout the day and night, but these were the gems. The CTX 3030 has been well worth the money, I'm so glad I upgraded. Thanks Minelab!
PS - I bought the new PRO-FIND 25 Pinpointer the same day, and it's been a really nice solid pinpointer.
Keep up the good work!

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