Never Give Up - There's No Such Thing As Hunted Out!

By: Anonymous

Well known campsites in the coastal areas of George and South Carolina are often considered hunted out. But I have proof that hunted out is nonsense!

I have found an impressive amount of American Civil War relics with my new, Fisher CZ metal detector from Kellyco. All were found in areas that have been pounded by those who consider themselves Pros and use every type of metal detector imaginable.

But thanks to the added depth of the new, 10 search coil for the Fisher CZ-3D, I was able to find some truly amazing relics. You can see from my pictures that most of these relics were left from the Civil War - Buttons, belt buckles, stirrups, cannon balls, bullets, bottles - ALL found where others gave up!

Here is the proof that a site is never hunted out. All you need is just a little more depth. Thanks Kellyco!


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