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My Wheat Penny

By: Anonymous

My current job is working 4 days a week. One of the 3 days off I try and hit up one of several beaches here in Southeast Florida. From South Inlet Park in Deerfield Beach all the way down to South Ft. Lauderdale beach by the port entry.

In the beginning of April the wife and I got up before sunrise and I grabbed my Bounty Hunter Tracker IV and the wife and headed for the beach. We got there it was still dark so we sat on a bench and drank our coffee and watched the sunrise.


I snatched up my Tracker IV and my Garrett pinpointer pro and headed off down the beach. Pretty much most of the morning was spent finding modern clad, but I was up around $8.00 so not too bad. Tide was low around 9:30 so I decided to walk the tide line. I was finding the usual dimes and quarters... then as I was scanning over some seaweed I got a solid penny tone. I moved the seaweed aside and rescanned the ground and my tone was gone. Hmmmmm. Put my scoop on the ground by my coil, nope, detector is working fine. Ok rescanned the little bunch of seaweed I moved and my detector screamed. I picked up the seaweed expecting to see a coin under it and nothing. The seaweed was a clump about the size of a tennis ball so held it to the coil. “BEEP”. Hmmm .. I felt through the clump and felt nothing. Whipped out the pinponter Pro and beep. Somewhere in the middle of that ball was a 1956D Wheat penny. I was astounded. Even more astounding was the condition of the penny. (See photo)

That penny made my whole day. Worth more to me than all the other clad I had that day.


my-wheat-penny-1 my-wheat-penny-2