My Top Find Yet!

By: Ty G.

Hello Kellyco family! My name is Ty Gemberling, age 35. Now I am not a professional metal detector by any means. I have only gone out maybe 15 times in the last 2 years, due to my wife's illness. So I cherish every time I get the chance to go out. I originally bought a Garrett Ace 250 about 2 years ago. After my second outing, I was addicted! So I upgraded to the Garrett Ace 350 after I saved up enough money. I used my birthday money and Christmas money, and have been very happy with my decision to buy it! [split] One weekend last year, I had the chance to go out for about 4 hours. My mother-in-law came into town for the weekend to help care for my wife and 3 year old, and give me some time off. So I was given the time to go out and detect. I knew of an old stone foundation in the town I grew up in, Lewisburg, PA. I live in Milton, PA, 7 miles from Lewisburg. My good friend told me about the foundation and he said he thought it was really old due to the size of the foundation stones. So after he got permission from his friend that owns the land, off we went! We detected for about 3 hours with only finding a lot of scrap tin and metal. I was around the back of the house in an area that had no tree growth. It looked like it could have been their garden or play area. It was not very big, so I made some good time detecting the whole area. After about 5 minutes, I got a good hit, and started digging. I pulled out a bunch of nails and tried the hole again with my Garrett Pinpointer. Sure enough, it was still ringing! I dug down about 2 more inches and out came a large round coin of some sort. I couldn't believe my eyes! It was larger then any coin I had seen before. I cleaned it off pretty good with my shirt and I saw 1785 written on it! I was in disbelief! I am not a lucky person by any means. I had to keep looking at it to see if I was really seeing what I was seeing! After I calmed down, I decided to run my Garrett ACE 350 over the hole again. And sure enough, I got another good hit! I knelt down and started digging through the soil and out came another coin! It was large but not as large as the other one. I started cleaning off the coin and I could see it had some sort of Latin or foreign writing on it. I really could not believe my eyes. 2 very old coins from the same hole. Not only that, but the best finds I had ever found! And they were in the same hole! After I got home that evening, I started doing some research online. I found that I had found a France 1785-A 1/2 ecu, I think. My 1785 is directly above the crown. The other coin I found is I think a Connecticut Copper - 1787. I know the date on it, but I have not cleaned these. I would rather leave them like they are. I was afraid if I tried cleaning them and did it wrong, it might hurt them in some way. So that is my story! I hope you enjoyed it because I will never forget that day in my life! Hopefully some of you may be able to figure out what I found. Thank you! Ty Gemberling PS: Steve Carr has been an amazing sales rep! And I am not just saying that. He is a very professional and knowledgeable representative. I always look forward to placing my order with him because he is so knowledgeable.

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