My Garrett GTI 2500 and Ace350 served me very well

By: Ray M.

I had a feeling about this 20 acre vacant lot in the fall of 2009, just driving by looking for my next site to detect and I notice what appeared to me to be century old oak trees standing all along. It turned out to be where a old camp use to be in the early 1920s.Since I started searching this huge lot in 2009, first discovering a few Wheaties, Mercury dimes, and Buffalo Nickels, it's been giving to this day, April 8, 2013. To make a very long story short,and beleve me, theres so much to talk about. My find in this Lot along includes, Aprox.1500 Wheat Cent dating from 1909 to 1958 and counting. About 40 Buffalo Nickels and counting. About 90 to 100 Mercury Dimes and counting. One Indian Head Cent dated 1906. Four Standing Lib.Quarters Four Walking Lid. Halves. About 70 Silver War Nickels. About 200 variety Tokens. About 100 variety aluminum Play coins The list also includes, Vintage factory badges, marbles, children cap pistol, Broken, Vintage bottles, a broken pistol,vintage gold and silver rings old tools, the list goes on and on. Thanks Kellyco for providing me with some of the best and affordable metal detectors and tools. I now own 8 different metal detector from Kellyco. Ray

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