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My First Year Detecting

By: Corey D.

I am a very new detector addict even though my schedule does not allow me to do it as much as I would like (but then who's does?)! Over the last year, I have found these little treasures with my Whites GT in Medford, OR. The places that I have been able to hunt have been a lot of parks and one beach, like I said before I don't get much time, but as I have found out I can do this hobby at night so I may do that one time to test it out. The greatest find was a wedding ring that I had found just being in the right time and place, a woman lost it in the surf do to you guessed it, her fingers shrinking, and I heard her yelling and crying at her helpless husband. So I walked over to try to assist and told her "due to the surf I may not be able to find it because it would move with the surf.(trying to sound like I knew what I was doing!) As we searched for about an hour it looked grim so as I had seen in YouTube videos I did one last effort. I asked her calmly to try to remember the last place and last time she remembered having it? We lost hope not finding it. As we were leaving the surf I had a " tone" and proceeded to dig it as I was there to metal detect! When I brought up my makeshift sand scoop (which I still have and use LOL) I noticed it was sparkly so I hurried and cleaned it off; I had found it! I hurried up to the parking lot to tell them and just barely caught them as they were leaving. I asked her for the description again and as she was sort of mad giving me it "again" I said this looks just like it! I want to say this first, I am happily married as I am sure those two are, but there was no better feeling than her jumping out of the car and hugging me so tight that she had an imprint of the necklace I was wearing on herself! But seriously it was a feeling you have to experience to enjoy. The finding treasures is just a BONUS!!! Here are what I have found in my first year with a description of what they are! The four rings are cool but just "bling" the three little items are gold and silver the quarters so far are 2.75, dimes 1.40, nickels .20 and pennies are .80 the coins on the right are pennies that are from 1942-1953 one nickel 1954 and than one big coin that is old and looks like gold but as I got it appraised the guy said it was worth about $13.00 due to me tearing it up! I did not know what I was doing, but you live and learn I wish I did not want to see what it was so bad because I did use everything in my arsenal to see what it was and did damage it good! HAPPY HUNTING YOU OTHER DETECTING ADDICTS, It is legal LOL! Thanks for reading my story Corey D. Of OREGON