My first platinum ring.

By: Ronald S.

I have been beach hunting for 8 years and have made some nice finds, but I had never found a platinum ring, but that was soon to change. I arrived at my favorite beach at about 10:30 a.m. I got out my amphibious detector and began hunting the water and wet sand. After 1 1/2 hours of searching with only a few coins and trash items found, I switched to my Ace 250 and began searching the dry sand. I soon began finding clad coins and a few trash items. Then, 40 minutes later, I scooped up a small engagement ring. I picked the ring out of the scoop and looked for markings inside the band. I was very surprised to find the letters IRID PLAT. I had found my first platinum ring and my best find of the year. I hadn't checked the target I.D. screen, before I dug the ring, so I buried it in the sand and swept my coil over it. The target I.D. showed that it was foil. I often dig foil readings as they are sometimes good items. I had the ring appraised for replacement value. The value was $4,134.00.