My first diamond ring with the CTX 3030

By: Anonymous

I have been detecting for a little over a year on the beaches of Florida. I would post pictures of my finds on my Facebook. One day, my son commented on one of my pics that I should get a Minelab CTX 3030. He said I would find more gold. So I went and checked out the 3030 and decided to buy one. I hit the beach as soon as I got it.

After about an hour, I get a hit around the 9.07 mark. As I lift my scoop out of the sand and start shaking it, I hear a clink clink clink sound. As I look in I can see some gold flashing. After all the sand is out, it turns out to be a nice diamond ring. This was my first diamond ring find. I was ecstatic. Now I tell my friends that I got engaged to the beach, that the beach gave me a nice engagement ring lol. I am sooooo glad I bought the CTX 3030.