My First Diamond Ring Metal Detecting Find

By: Phil H.

I've been detecting for almost 4 years with a Garrett Ace 250 that I bought myself for Christmas. Last year I added a Detech 13" Ultimate DD coil that was compatible with the Ace series so that I could cover more ground efficiently. I search all over West Houston, Texas, mostly on play grounds and sports fields. I don't find many old items but have found hundreds of dollars of clad coins, many silver rings, a few gold rings, but never a diamond ring....until today. With fall here, it was finally below 85 degrees at noon, much more comfortable for a long hunt at a local sports field. I don't hunt the fields themselves but the edges where spectators sit and watch their kids play. The area is littered with pull tops and bottle caps making it difficult to discriminate between targets and trash so I dig almost every solid signal. Today it paid off when I saw gold in the hole about 3" down, an hour into my search. The gold was exciting enough, but the sight of diamonds put the icing on my cake. I had found a 10 K ring with 8 small diamonds on the band, and 9 more diamonds circling one larger center diamond. At home, my tester verified that the diamonds are real. An exciting day.