My first and best treasure find

By: Kacie L.

My name is Ashley Minney and I'm a 25 year old newcomer to treasure hunting. I've only been detecting for about a year so I am still learning. It was a rainy fall day of last year when I made my greatest find. I found it in the yard of a home my parents had just moved into. This home is in Circleville, Ohio. The house was built in 1864 so I knew something good had to have been dropped over the years. I searched the entire summer and had only found old nails.Armed with my new Garret ACE 350 I took to the yard despite the rain, determined to find something. I had searched for about an hour and was quite cold and also quite wet. I made one more pass at a strip I thought I had hit before. I got a hit that sounded different than the rest. I started to dig a plug, thinking that I would simply find more junk nails. I don't have a pin-pointer so I just kept shoveling the estimated depth (according to the machine). I heard a sharp ping and assumed it was a rock. When I looked down I could see a rounded edge sticking out of the side of my hole. This is where the story gets good... My heart rate beats a little faster. I felt the anticipation rising, but attempted to contain it, not wanting to get ahead of myself. You know when your in a raffle and they start calling all your numbers? You don't want to get too excited, but you really want that win. It was a lot like that.I wanted to find my first coin. I quickly drop to my knees and slid the coin out. It was large, about as big as a half dollar. I quickly brushed the mud off. I couldn't quite make out what it said, but I could clearly see this was no washer or junk metal, this was a coin. It was my first coin. I triumphantly threw my hands in the air and let out the biggest, "Woooooohooo!". My family came running out to see what the commotion was about. Here I come, skipping through the yard holding my prize in the air. There was an immediate celebration as everyone knew how much I wanted a great find, particularly one attached to this home. I ran inside and took a toothbrush to it, eager to see what exactly it was. What I had found was an International Harvester commemorative coin. It was a brass commemorative coin celebrating Cyrus Hall McCormick, "Inventor of the Reaper". They issued them in 1931. It was the perfect find. The house sits on a farm, so this find tied into the history of the property. It gave me the chance to build my own little story. A dad living here in the 30's, making his living as a farmer was given this at the a dealership. He comes home and gives it to one of his kids to play with and they wind up losing it in the yard. Here I come almost 75 years later and dig it up. So that's my story, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoy telling it. It was by far the most exciting thing I have ever experienced.