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My finds and views of the Nokta Velox One

By: Kellyco C.

Hello, I thought I would share with you all my finds and views of the Nokta Velox. The field is next to a small roman town and was maze stubble we had 8 weeks window to search before it was out of bounds. Plans were made for a twice a week search, and I purchased both the 9 inch coil and the 12/15 to complement the eleven inch standard. As predicted, the field was covered in iron nails from 1 inch too 4 inches long. Using the machine with disc set at 7 and fixed tone. Tone I/d off and sen set at 5, I soon started to pull a few coins from amongst the iron. After 4 weeks of finding some nice bits I moved over to the nine inch coil and was rewarded with a rare Celtic unit. I carried on with this coil and also got a great Saxon sceat, the Velox was pulling coins up from 4 to 8 inches in depth on two occasions my detecting partner walked of the field. His words were can't compete with that Velox. On the last trip, 7 hours of solid searching, I fitted the 12/15 inch coil. With this fitted, I found two Roman brooches and a Roman silver. All in all the Velox is a great machine and fantastic on our UK sites.

my-finds-views-of-the-nokta-velox-one-1 my-finds-views-of-the-nokta-velox-one-2 my-finds-views-of-the-nokta-velox-one-3