Missing Helicopter found with Garrett Ace 250

By: Darrell W.

My brother I were at the local area of Huntington Beach, Calif.We usually go to to hunt coins & rings. He with his Garrett Ace 350, I with my Garrett Ace 250 with double D coil. We are both finding the lost coins and usual bottle tops, pull tabs and the like in amongst the beach goers. After the wind picks up a little the sun bathers are slowly leaving. I double back over where a larger group with children were and I find a few coins from were dad was laying with his street shorts on. Then I wonder around where the kids were playing. Where I get a strange noise from my Ace 250 with double D coil. Buzz, buzz, buzz, blup, blep, What is that I'm thinking? I put down my 5 gallon bucket with wire mesh along the bottom and start shoveling in the sand with my military foxhole shovel. Ching, I here metal on metal. Whooa, slow down, what was that? I pick up the bucket and letting the sand sift threw the bottom. I look in, I can't believe my eyes, there in the bottom sits a U.S. Army Cobra Helicopter with missiles still attached. I can't hardly contain my excitement. My First Helicopter, how cool is that? The pilot and gunner must have ejected, as the cockpit canopy was missing, but still in rather good shape for being in soft sand crash landing. Just goes to show, you never know what your going to find metal detecting the beach's of So. Cal..Don't forget to have that fun you were promised ! ! !

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