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Metal Detecting Finds at a New Permission

By: Todd B.

I have been detecting for 5 years and I swing the Garrett AT Pro, AT Gold and AT Max. When I scubadive and detect, I use a Minelab Excaliber II. I have been trying to get permission to metal detect this property for almost 3 years. I finally went through the right channels and got permission from the owners. The home was built in the late 1700s, the family has been from the area since the 1600s I was so excited to get there with my buddy and our detectors. Our first visit, we "cherry-picked the property for hot spots and found a few things. The next few visits we slowed way down and tried to cover every inch. We recovered many coins, relics and many other items. We recovered Spanish reales, US large cents and lots of other coins. I was blessed with some great coins including my first "flying eagle" cent dated 1858. We also recovered buttons, bullets, horse buckles, shoe buckles, thimbles and so much more. We have been truly blessed to have been given permission to hunt such a great old property....and its still giving up treasures!!!! Thanks for the opportunity.