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Lost, Found & Returned - Platinum Wedding Band

By: Jessica m.

On June 2, I was on My looking at the finds and someone had posted the following: "Hello friends, I am hoping that someone in this forum would be able to help me. I lost my wedding ring at the First Landing State Park, Virginia Beach. The entrance to this beach was at 64th Street and Atlantic Avenue. My wife and I went kayaking on Memorial day, came back around 1PM and was standing near the tree in the picture. While trying to rub off the sand from my shorts, I somehow managed to let go off the ring into the bush. I heard it hitting the leaves but even 5 hours of searching did not help to recover it. We even bought a metal detector to look for the ring but that didn't help. I would like to offer a reward of 500 dollars for anyone who can recover that ring. Please feel free to contact me if you need any additional information about the location. The ring is made of platinum and gold." Well I just happened to be down at the ocean front on the next day and did not find anything at the ocean so I said to my self "let me go up to First Landing State Park (which was about 2 miles up the street) and see if I can find this guys ring." [split] When I got there I recognized the parking spot from the picture he had posted on the site. I got out my Excalibur 1000 and walked over to where he said he had lost the ring and I found the ring in less than 10 seconds. I could not believe it. So I said to myself "let me walk over here to the shore and see what else I can find." I walked about 4ft and got another nice low growl on my headphone and out pops this nice 14k mans diamond ring with 7 diamonds! In just a matter of a few minutes I had found two really nice rings! It took me a couple of weeks to hook back up with this guy because he did not leave any way to get hold of him. So I posted back on the forum that I had found his ring. When he did call me he lived down in North Carolina and was up here on vacation. He put me in contact with a friend of his who lived and worked in VA. Beach. We made arrangements to meet and I returned the ring to his friend who in turn gave me the $500 reward! I got the other ring resized to fit me and wear it now. David S., VA.

lost-found-returned-platinum-wedding-band-1 lost-found-returned-platinum-wedding-band-2