Kayleigh Came Walking Over to Me with a Big Smile

By: Anonymous

While her mom was registering her at school, my daughter Kayleigh and I took her Garrett ACE 150 to have a look at the woodchips in the playground area. I was swinging on the swing and Kayleigh came walking over to me with a big smile. She handed me a ring. At first, I thought it was a kid's play ring but it said 10K on the inside and had a diamond chip in it!! When I told her it was real, she let out a big scream and she got a big hug! After 25 times out with that detector it's her best find and boy is she proud of it! Thank you.

–John and Kayleigh

kayleigh-came-walking-over-to-me-with-a-big-smile-1 kayleigh-came-walking-over-to-me-with-a-big-smile-2