Just Enough Lead To Float the Hobby!

By: Anonymous

I bought my Fisher 1280X water detector about 3 weeks ago from Kellyco. I have been a customer since 1979 when I bought a Bounty Hunter Red Baron. Over the years, I have had the privilege to hunt sites that many people could never get permission to hunt. Back in "The Day" I regularly came home with 3 or 4 Civil War Buckles, 4 or 5 bombs, buckets of bullets, etc. My best finds were 2 complete Flat-Nose 3" USA Hotchkiss shells, a CSA rectangle, a medieval battle axe, and a pit full of dead German soldiers in Kiev. I have also carried Kellyco with me to Peter the Great's battle at Poltava, 1709, The Charge of the Light Brigade, German Army Group South's capture of 600,000 Russians, and just about everywhere else. But, today, I am a water hunter. In just 4 Saturdays, I have found a bunch of assorted Civil War bullets, a percussion fuse for the 20 pound USA Parrot Shell, a nice silver ring and an 18 kt wedding band for a man. It is inscribed To Ed From T. This is a tiny band that will not fit my pinky. This was found in a Battle site and may have been lost during the battle. Who Knows?In order to retrieve these relics, I wear a wetsuit, a weight belt, and a mask. I found these items in 4 to 5 feet of water. Do not be afraid to hunt rivers. Just be sure to check the depths on the shore and be sure to have a partner when checking out new water sites. Also, do not be fearful of the algae. You will often need to go under, even with no visibility, so you can search for your find. Most people will not do this. But if you are willing to do this, you will find items!!!The fisher 1280-X does need a coil stabilizer for under the water. I believe it hunts faster than the Minelab, but it does not have tonal variations. I like the Fisher, but am thinking I should have gotten the Tesoro. What the hey? I will buy that one in a few months!I will never go back to land hunting again!! In the water, nobody bothers you - and you can just slip off secretly any nto creek by any bridge!You can also just scour the old newspapers to find the old swimming holes!