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It was a first real outing other than metal detection in the garden....

By: Martin H.

I had advised her with little knowledge of the hobby what was the best to purchase, and with many available and with the cost, I tried to advise the best I could. The Beach, our local beach in Felixstowe, apparently was used as a firing range during the war, this we found out after researching and was told also by the reporter of the Ipswich Star. Elliot had been experimenting with the options this detector gave us in the garden, and now our garden need some work , as after one afternoon let loose on his own, our lawn now looks like with have mole hills everywhere. We have been both wanting to give detecting ago for some time now, and I've always told him to research locations and venues before attending for the best results. Suffork, England where we live is steep in history and we are both look forward to investigating new sites soon. Today again - Sunday we have been out to the same beach and found further bullets but I glad to say were not LIVE so we can retain these for our own collection - 1940 ammunition cases. The local police have since provided a statement for others to follow on finding Live rounds and some other locals have since been to the beach we reported about to the Ipswich Star, however with their professional equipment they have us a slight disadvantage, but Elliot apparent skill and most important his determination to find better things is very inspiring to see and experience. We hope to make our outings a regular thing at weekends, and who knows what the next few months with bring.