It Was A Cold Wind From The North

By: Anonymous

A cold wind was blowing from the north as I entered the sea at 6:45 am. The sun was just peeping above the horizon. The usual morning joggers and a few worse for wear young things still coming out of the night clubs disturbed the tranquillity of the fresh air.

I stepped into the sea and shivered as I was wearing a shortie wet suit. I made my familiar start off down the shore line up to my waist in water. The CTX 3030 chirping every now and again.

Picking up a few coins. The first better find was a steel wedding band.

At one edge of the beach is a area of rocks out in the sea. By the time I had got there it had taken me an hour to work the first part of the shore.


As it moved into the rocky area, the detector was singing almost every step, lots of coins, a bit of chain, Jesus from a pendant, a brass bracelet and an old crusty ring.

As I was now in deep water up to my chest I came across another good target 12:20 on the display. It took several digs of my scoop to retrieve it. When I first saw it I thought it was silver and the ID might have been confused with another object. I put it in my finds pouch and checked area but no other target.

I was starting to get cold by now I had been in the sea for almost 3 hours so I worked my way back up the beach to shallow water and back towards my car. On route finding some more coins.

When I got home unpacked my finds and cleaned them off. I have a tumbler for coins and silver if tarnished.

I decided to test the big ring but to my surprise it was not silver, so I checked on my gold tester (I have an electronic gold tester and acid tester). On both it came out a clear 18 carrot white gold. Weight of 20 grams. To say I was happy was a bit of understatement.

My best find ever. Mind you it took hours for me to thaw out. And where there is one ring, there is always more.

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