I Was Excited When I Got an ACE 150 for Christmas Recently

By: Anonymous

When I was little I always dreamed of finding buried pirate treasure. So, I was excited when I got an ACE 150 for Christmas recently. This unit has really impressed me with how easy it is to use. I've quickly been able to discern signal variations that accurately and quickly allow me to locate and retrieve metal objects. Much to my surprise and pleasure, at least half of the objects I've found in my own yard have been coins, some probably from my own pocket.

I haven't used it in areas that could yield more lucrative finds, but based on the immediate success I've had with lost change in my yard, you can bet I'll be putting the ACE 150 to better use. I haven't given up on finding that buried pirate treasure of my childhood dreams. And even if I never find it, I'll have fun looking for it with my ACE 150. But you can bet if I do find it, you'll be hearing from me again!

C. Ranton, Midlothian, Texas