Historical Find William Barnard de Blaquiere

By: Anonymous

It's always fun to hunt with friends. The funny thing about this ring, it was meant for me to find that ring. Everyone and their brother has been working that hole for the last 6 weeks and then I show up. You would think that hole was cleaned up. I know one of the guys and he has an Excalibur II. He knows that Excalibur II inside and out, that's all he uses. That day I found that ring he had been in that hole and only found 2 silver and 1 toe junk ring the 2 days before. That tells me that the CTX 3030 with the 17" coil is going deeper than his Excalibur II.

I kept pulling out the rings. He was not 12 ft. away from me and I pulled a 14k gold ring right next to him. I ended up with 1-18k the find of the day William Barnard de Blaquiere, 6th Baron and that was at least 15" down. 2-14k, 1-10k and 1 silver Notre Dame high school ring.

WOW how sweet is that!