Hidden Cache Treasures

By: Anonymous

Back track about 2.5 years ago... I hunted an old German homestead. I was able to find some coins, medallions and Nazi WWI and II items The home was being redone and some parts have been remodelled, torn out or completely torn down, The first was an old barn that I found the first items. Now to the present... Part of the inner structure of the house was being worked on. The owner agreed to let us detect and look around again. After finding nothing but spiders and dead mice...

we found a spot in the stair well that had a large area between the floors. From the ceiling we detected various forms of metal in this inaccessible area. A large angled board about 8 feet long was nailed securely to this area in the stairwell. We got the crowbar and went to work. These nails had not been touched in many many years with different colors of paint on them to show for it. After about 15 minutes of really heavy prying... it popped loose at one end. I peeked in... Nothing!


I was about to put the board back and I notice the X supports between the floors. I wonder… I pull the board back some more and I see what looks like a box... there is a box like a cookie tin box. OHHHHHHHHHHH I'm thinking of golden things and riches. I am able to get a hold of the box and get the lid off. Gold?

no... but interesting things for a collector of such things and something very interesting to boot. Along with many, I'm going to guess WWII medals, pins etc. There are 2 pieces of wall art. I also open up a leather holder and discover what I think is silver cup that is collapsible. I have seen cheap plastic versions of these but not one like this. They only made things like this many years ago and it is stamped "German".

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