GW Surprise

By: Anonymous

I couldn't tell you how many properties I've driven by and wondered what kind of finds could be lurking in the fields and yards. There is one property that always kept my interest as I managed to drive by it almost 3 times a week. Sometimes going out of my way just to take a peek and always looking for an easy way to get permission to wander the grounds with the Explorer II.

After a little research, I found that the property used to be owned by a Colonel in Revolutionary War and that he also fought alongside George Washington himself. You can only imagine the thoughts and excitement running through my head!!! I just had to figure a way to get on this property.

After a few more trips by this house I happen to notice that it appeared empty. Thinking to myself this could be bad as sometimes foreclosures and listed properties are hard to get the go ahead.

So one day while visiting my brother who lived nearby, I mentioned the property to sister-in-law overheard the conversation and said..."hey I think the College just bought that property" I thought...well there goes that idea. My brother then said..."why don't we go next door and ask the groundskeeper for the college".

Another exciting moment...He knows the groundskeeper!!! After he pulled a few strings...Permission Granted!!! Funny how things can turn out.

Now for the detecting. It didn't take me long to jump right in as most of you know how that goes. I started in the back yard turning up the usual clad, a few buttons and some silver. I quickly moved to the front of the house and I seemed to hit on what I thought was some iron in the ground. I then noticed some pipe that led from the house to just about the street. Looked like something to purge water from the cellar.

I decided I would go really slow as I kept getting a blip between the iron nulling. I swung back and forth trying to determine if it was worth digging. I almost gave up and then decided..."why not cut a plug". This was the best decision in my detecting years that I've ever made.

After cutting the plug I immediately noticed a button in the hole with the shank facing me.I pulled it out and couldn't believe my eyes. The GW script was staring right at me!! The find of a lifetime!!!

In my experience I don't believe any other metal detector would have picked this signal up with the heavy iron in the area. The Explorer II managed to do the trick.