GTI 2500 Finds Silver Coin 18" Deep!

By: Anonymous

I purchased my Garrett GTI 2500 about a year ago and have found more deep (10"-18") items than most of my Detecting friends. While detecting on the East Coast of Florida this past year, I got a hit that showed the item around 13". The item was closer to 18". I was pretty happy when this item turned out to be a, 1761 SPAIN SILVER 2 REALES SEVILLA CAROLUS. My GTI 2500 is the best Detector I've every used and I'v used many different detectors and have two other Detectors. My fellow Detecting friends get upset everytime I get a signal and their detectors show nothing. Them I dig up a 1761 Silver coin. Some walking, some luck and a great detector and you can find treasure.