Great Finds With My Minelab CTX 3030

By: Anonymous

I was recently on vacation a decided to take my new CTX 3030 along and see what I could find in some parks in the area. I knew one of the parks has been detected pretty heavily, but hoped the CTX 3030 would find some targets that were missed or mixed with iron.

In a couple of days of hunting, I found an 1888 Canadian penny, 1919, 1960, 1961 Canadian silver dimes, 1946 us dime, a Canadian shipping coin made from 1830-1860, a number of 40s and 50s Canadian and us pennies as well as the reason I bought a CTX 3030. I found a week signal in heavy iron and decided to dig it.

I pulled 12 square iron nails out of the hole before I finally found it – a 1930 Canadian nickel! I could not believe the CTX 3030 could even locate that small target.

Thanks again Minelab for a tremendous product. I know my hunts are all they can be.