Gotta Love That CTX 3030

By: Anonymous

I travelled to New Hampshire for a long Holiday Weekend with my family. I got my permission to detect on a beautiful 250-300 year old Homestead occupied at one time by a French and Indian War /Revolutionary War Officer.

My heart was then nearly broken when I was told by the owner , that this site had been pretty well detected in the 80's. My dream of being the first to detect this amazing old Homestead in New Hampshire was shattered... But... It wasn't detected with the CTX 3030... 4 hours later I found a 17th Century Bronze Ring , 17th century Skilling 18th century 1/2 Reale... PLUS 42 more pieces of treasure.

Again I've learned my lesson ...A site hasn't really been detected , until it's been detected with a Minelab... gotta love that CTX 3030!