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Golden Teeth on the Beach!

By: Robert B.

I went out for a midnight beach hunt during low tide last Friday 9/11/2020 with a friend. While my friend was working in the dry sand using the Equinox 800, I worked in the wet with my Equinox 600. My settings set at Beach 2- 25 sensitivity, GB 0, Tones 50 & Iron Bias 2. 20 minutes into the hunt and after two trashy targets, I pull out my first Ring of the night, a .925 women's silver ring with opal Rang up 23. 30 minutes passed by and several more can slaw targets, I pull out Ring #2. This Time, the ring was in the shape of "Hello Kitty" w/ tiny diamond stamped 10K Rang up 3. An hour passed and the targets disappeared, I made my way back to where I was finding the rings to continue hunting. Then I started to finding some clad and a few more pieces of can slaw/bottle caps. Moments later this third low sounding target registered on my nox and at the time I wasn't paying any attention to the TDI, just by sound. What I found, I wasn't expecting had me saying "OMG" multiple times. I called my buddy over to record my find. At first it appeared to be another melted piece of aluminum scrap/can slaw when I noticed a funny looking shape that resembled human teeth. I put the target into the scoop and walked into the water to wash it off. When I looked into the scoop, I saw what looked to be gold teeth. My buddy came over to have a look at it and he was shocked. In his own words "Are You Kidding Me Bro?" along with some other words that I can't share but it was in a good way and we both couldn't believe what I found. The gold teeth without the actual teeth in it rang up on the equinox as a solid 9. After finding the teeth we were about to end our hunt when I found Ring #3, this time a men's .925 Silver Ring which rang up 32. My buddy wasn't as lucky as I was but he did end up finding a women's .925 silver ring w/ a tiny diamond and a junk CZ Earring. The next day I tested the teeth using 18K acid test, no good. Then tested with 22K which passed, it weighed 4.999 grams. I asked my sister who Is a dental hygienist about the teeth and she told me that its a bridge for teeth #6-#11. No I did not try them on as I had several people ask me, lol. I normally find multiple rings in one hunt but never ever imagine that I would pull someones teeth out of the sand. It goes to show you that You Never Know Whats Buried Under Your Feet. Good Luck & Happy Hunting.

Silver Rings with Gold Teeth Bridge on Sandy Beach Background Opal Looking Gem Ring with Silver Metal Band Inset with Diamonds Held Up Close in Fingers Gold Teeth Grill Laying in a Palm of a Hand Up Close