Golden Superb Holiday Ring

By: Anonymous

This is my greatest find ever.

It all started in my vacation, I was at the Island Ameland in the Netherlands. Like other years I always take my detector with me. In earlier vacations my E-TRAC and this holiday my new CTX 3030. And when the kids sleep, I go out a couple of hours to detect, while my wife stays with the kids at home. Hmmm love my wife for doing this...

So I was walking at the beach with a beautiful sea. I found a couple of new coins and some pulltabs. I decided to go detect in the sand dunes. There was nothing to find so I walked my way back to the car leaving my CTX 3030 on. I think a 100 meters from the car I got a nice bleep, in the grass. I thought it's another pulltab. And almost decided not to dig. I dig the bleep and I stand still. I saw something shining in the ground. I picked it up and it was a ring. I never found gold before. I only heard from other detectorist that gold comes out shining. And it was!!!

What a moment. I called my wife but could not say a word. I just screamed. She thought he is going mad!


When I was home I saw 4 marks in the ring. Three X's from Amsterdam. A lion with crown. The year letter P. and the maker's mark JS. The photo's of the ring I sent to mister Akkermans from the famous dutch television series "Tussen kunst en Kitsch" He said that the ring was made in Amsterdam (xxx) by goldsmith Jurriiaan Schult (JS) in the year 1749 (P).

After the find I enjoyed my holiday and at home all my detector friends came to see this amazing ring. Enjoy the pics. Greetings from The Netherlands

golden-superb-holiday-ring-1 golden-superb-holiday-ring-2