Golden Napoleon Coin from 1813 found with Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector

By: Jessica m.

I started with this hobby about a year ago, a good friend now that lives in our village showed me his finds and took us out on a detecting trip. My first find with his detector (Garrett GTI 2500) was a musket ball, I think after a year searching I've about 300 of them! A week later I bought my Garrett ACE 250. Since then I went on detecting trips with my best buddy Andy. About a month later, the 9th of August 2009 was the big day. We woke up at 7 o'clock in the morning and went out searching. It was summer so it was pretty hot outside and the fields were perfect. We went to our first field and after a half an hour we found a silver coin! The coin is a silver "Willem van Oranje" from the Netherlands. It's a 10 cents from 1825! We went back to the house around noon to have lunch and to clean up and determinate the coin. [split] After lunch we headed back out in the fields, there were not that much field empty of corn. But one was, it was just a normal field with a lot of junk on it. After few digs and nothing else than junk we walked in another direction. A few staps later we had a good signal about 4" deep. We dug it up and there was the golden Napoleon coin from 1813! It is a 20 francs with the head from "Romulus or Remus" on it. I was made in Rome specially for Napoleon. Me and my buddy couldn't believe it and we were shaking from excitement! We took our gear and headed home. My dad was working in the garden and we immediately showed it to him. He couldn't believe it! We went inside and cleanded the little bit of dirt of it. We went looking on the internet and in books to find what coin it was. Then we discovered what coin it was. I found the coin with my Garrett ACE 250 with the 6.5 x 9" coil and it was on program: "jewlery" That's my story of my big dectecting day! Pieter-Jan from Belgium

golden-napoleon-coin-1813-garrett-ace-250-metal-detector-1 golden-napoleon-coin-1813-garrett-ace-250-metal-detector-2 golden-napoleon-coin-1813-garrett-ace-250-metal-detector-3